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Spectral imaging microscopic AOTF-based device


Visualization of a sample physical and chemical properties distribution basing on their spectral features. Can be used with various types of microscopes.


  • Double monochromatization provides images high spectral contrast
  • High throughput combined with rather high spectral resolution
  • Fast programmable random spectral access

Technical characteristics

  • Spectral range: 440 – 760 nm
  • Bandpass: 1 – 3 nm
  • Double tunable acousto-optical filter

Possible fields of application

  •  Medicine: fluorescent visualization of pathological tissues, histology, immunohistology, cytopathology, non-invasive analysis of blood flow parameters, blood saturation with oxygen
  • Technology: semiconductor wafers quality control
  • Detection of biological tissue and solid samples

Biomedical images — Blood smear at different wavelengths

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