Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science
"Scientific and Technological Centre of Unique Instrumentation"
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power unit of BPN-7/60 solid-state laser CW arc lamp

Arc lamp power unit
Arc lamp power unit

Distinctive features:

  • use of modern elemental base;
  • digital indication;
  • galvanically insulated control circuits;
  • small weight;
  • low level of acoustic noise.

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum power output: 7 KW
  • Output current regulation range: 3-60 А
  • Output current amplitude ripples: not greater than 0,2%
  • Idling voltage: 1000 V
  • Power supply: 380 V / 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 430х400х160
  • Weight: 12 kg.