Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science
"Scientific and Technological Centre of Unique Instrumentation"
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power frame for LSPO-6 solid-state lasers supply and cooling

LSPO-6 power frame is designed for supplying and cooling of CW laser emitters with Q switching

General characteristics:

  • Power frame overall dimensions: 480´600´860 mm
  • Weight, not greater: 50 kg
  • Power supply three-phase: 380 V
  • Power consumption, not greater: 7,5 kW

Power frame consists of the following functional units:

  1. Power unit PU 6-60:
    • Maximum power output: 6W
    • Output current regulation range: 3-60 А
    • Output current amplitude ripples: not greater than 0,2%
  2. Sinusoidal high-frequency signal source IPAOЗ-50(27) for the work of acousto-optical gates:
    • Output signal frequency: 50±0,5 MHz (27±0,5 MHz)
    • Frequency fluctuation: not greater than 3×10-4
    • Output power: not smaller than 20 W
    • Pulses frequency (internal modulation mode): 0,2-50 KHz
  3. Thermally stabilized cooling system LSO-6000 GT:
    • Power consumed by cooling system*: not smaller than 6 KW
    • Cooling liquid flow in internal circuit: up to 20 l/min
    • Water temperature holding accuracy: ± 1°С