Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science
"Scientific and Technological Centre of Unique Instrumentation"
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Space developments of the STC UI RAS: “Multipurpose Fourier spectrometer”

Another development of the Scientific and Technological Centre for Unique Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (STC UI RAS) for the space exploration is an experimental sample of the multipurpose Fourier spectrometer MTsFS, designed to measure atmospheric parameters for meteorological purposes. It differs from the existing devices of this class in a number of advantages:

– the ability to select the spectral range, which expands the variety of tasks solved by the device;

  • the use of a multi-element receiver. This helps to significantly reduce the influence of visible individual clouds and considerably improve the signal-to-noise ratio, which can be used in geophysical studies of atmospheric trace gases;
  • the ability to adjust the spectral resolution from 0.25 to 5 reciprocal centimeters;
  • the presence of a blur compensation unit, which allows for a long time to keep the field of view of the device at the selected point.

All these parameters ensure the ability of the STC UI RAS’ instrument to effectively orient it to the solution of different geophysical or other applications. The highly qualified research, design and experimental work has significantly reduced the mass and cost characteristics of the device.

The developed spectrometer can be advantageously used on board stratospheric- and spacecraft for a wide range of the most important scientific and application tasks:

  • the study of atmospheric trace gases,
  • the solar system planetary exploration,
  • the missile launch control,
  • the study of meteorology.

These instruments are indispensable for studying planetary atmospheres. Competences and experience of STC UI RAS allow to develop and create scientific instruments with unique characteristics.