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Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science (FSBIS) «Scientific and Technological Center of Unique Instrumentation» of the Russian Academy of Sciences (STC UI RAS) was founded in 1997 by renaming Central Design Bureau of Unique Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences  (CDB UI RAS), and is a successor of CDB UI RAS. CDB UI RAS, founded in 1957 was the first scientific instrumentation enterprise of USSR Academy of Sciences and the second in the history of the Russian Academy of Sciences after Tool Chamber of Petersburg Academy of Sciences, founded in 1726 and having existed till 1849. During 46 years of its activity CDB-STC UI RAS on the base of carried-out fundamental and applied researches in the field of information technologies, scientific instrumentation and optics, developed about 200 types of scientific instruments and information systems (including those of highest complicity category), released and implemented into research practice over 3000 instruments, some of which have world priority.

These instruments allowed to provide the most important fundamental and applied scientific researches, carried-out by institutes of Academy of Sciences and leading branch institutions of the country in the field of physics, chemistry, biology, experimental mechanics and others, according to various modern techniques: acousto-optical spectroscopy for UV, visible and IR ranges, IR-Fourier spectroscopy, submillimeter monochromatic BWT spectroscopy, semiconductors photoelectric spectroscopy, investigations in strong magnetic fields, microelectrode engineering in electrophysiology, microphase thermoanalysis, determination of polymers molecular constants by light scattering technique, polymers thermomechanics, measurement of materials dynamic parameters on infralow frequencies, tensometry information and measuring systems and others.

STC UI RAS has available highly qualified scientific stuff,  candidates and Ph. D, works of whose in the field of  information technologies, scientific instrumentation and optics have priority character.

In STC UI RAS works academic council on defending DPhil theses and postgraduate study.

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